Asiajuris Bangkok Conference 2020: Network Gathering of Lawyers and Law Firms from all over Asia and Europe

Dubai, UAE – (Feb. 10, 2020) The 2nd edition of Asiajuris Conference will take place in the beautiful Anantara Riverside Resort, Bangkok, Thailand. The three-day conference will be attended by law practicing experts and participants from all over Asia and Europe which will highlight the strength and to further expand its network. The initial schedule from 20-22 February 2020 has been moved on June 4-6, 2020 (tentative date) due to the recent health predicament ahead of the well-known virus that continues to spread across China and beyond. 

Event speakers will tackle timely and relevant topics such as investment opportunities through real estate, tourism, and demand growth of aesthetic science and medicine in Thailand and other ASEAN countries. This annual event hosted by the Asiajuris team has envisioned the organization to hold a position in the industry using AI applications in legal consultancy services. It will mark the importance of collaboration between lawyers involving foreign law practices in other jurisdictions which is an additional opportunity to benefit everyone. New members will not only get a warm welcome but gain insight into the extent of the network which includes the liberty of presenting to the group and exchange insights.

From its first successful event in Cebu Philippines, Bangkok Thailand is another ideal place to bring together the members of Asiajuris and the participants to discuss and deliberate legal topics relevant to the Asian market. A great opportunity to learn more about the city’s diversity, getting first-hand input from the local organisers about places to visit, culture and traditions.

Speaking to Asiajuris Vice President, Naveen Indrakanti, “This conference will give a great opportunity for all participants to explore legal cooperation among European and Asian lawyers. This will also pave a way to assist their clients to understand business complexity and legal structures. Asia is an emerging market and we see a lot of potential business here, so strong cooperation among legal professionals from different jurisdiction is necessary to enable them to provide high-quality service to their clients.”


About Asiajuris

Asiajuris, is an association of autonomous law firms and legal consultancies located throughout Asia.

Founded in 2019, Asiajuris become the home of existing and newly joining law firms in Asia. One of the few network organizations, which entitles its members to have dual membership in two international organizations, covering both continents of Asia and Europe.