Are you looking for a strong network of Asian lawyers?
Asiajuris is a network of independent law firms in Asia
Asiajuris is an affiliated member of Eurojuris International.

Welcome to Asiajuris.

A network of Asian law firms offering local representation and direct legal advice.

Asiajuris, is an association of Asian law firms and legal consultancies located throughout Asia, which is an affiliated member of Eurojuris.

It spans over 48 countries throughout Asia, covering an area with some of the fastest growing economies, biggest cities and globally active business corporations conglomerates.

Asiajuris members are full service firms, providing highest calibre of professional services clients need, with a cross-cultural understanding.

The members extend their services through the help of other members, allowing them to tap into expertise outside their own country or field of expertise.

Events & Webinars
October 13, 2022
Eurojuris International Congress
November 18, 2022
Wealth Management

Foreign Company Incorporations

Register and join the webinar discussion to discover more on Foreign Direct Investment in India and China with the help of our experts: Dinh Khai Luong, Joyce Yang and Christine Koo. 

Be a part of this lively and informative discussion. Register today!

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