The UAE help holders of residence Visas in the time of COVID-19

The UAE help holders of residence Visas in the time of COVID-19

It has been announced by the UAE government that the holders of an UAE Investor or Partner Visa can now stay outside the country for an additional 6 months. This extension is granted due to the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  The UAE government is now allowing the holders of an investor or a partner … Read more

In the UAE, spreading the virus can be a crime


A person who is infected with the Coronavirus and causes others to become ill as a result of his failure to adhere to restrictions like to stay in isolation or by even intentionally spreading the virus, is subject to legal prosecution according to Articles 339, 342, and 348 of the UAE Penal Code and can be punished … Read more

Asiajuris Bangkok Conference 2020: Network Gathering of Lawyers and Law Firms from all over Asia and Europe


Dubai, UAE – (Feb. 10, 2020) The 2nd edition of Asiajuris Conference will take place in the beautiful Anantara Riverside Resort, Bangkok, Thailand. The three-day conference will be attended by law practicing experts and participants from all over Asia and Europe which will highlight the strength and to further expand its network. The initial schedule … Read more

Practice of Law and AI

Practice of Law and AI

Legal practitioners are believed to be traditional_ Litigation is an ancient art wherein battles are succeeded in courtrooms using seasoned and proven tools of arguments that have been exploited for centuries. Even the popular expressions “bench” and the “bar” are metonyms denoting “judge” and the “barristers”, which carry dense historical references, as judges who formerly … Read more

Philippines, a Better Investment Climate

Asiajuris - Philippines, a Better Investment Climate

This country with 7,107 islands is more than a charming place with white beaches and warm people; it is a capable and fertile ground to plant your investments. The reasons are astounding. First, it is the home of many talented professionals who are highly proficient in reading and writing English. The public schools did quite … Read more

Foreign Direct Investment in India: Policy motivations, past and present

India ‘liberalised’ its economy in 1991, moving away from a governmentally regulated, tightly planned and controlled economy to a more market-driven economy. Part of the reform agenda was stimulated by a deep and acute foreign exchange deficit clutching India at the time. India, though now the fifth largest economy in the world, still carries a … Read more

CRESCO Legal_ FZC – What consequences will new technologies have on the practice of law?

“ Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”. Those words, pronounced by Steve Jobs, one of the most admirable geniuses of the 21st century, could not be more accurate than today. The new technologies, and digital ones in particular, are invading every house and field of profession, bringing with them important and necessary changes. … Read more

Should you have a will, as an expat living in the UAE?

Everybody knows it, but still nobody really realises that life is not eternal! You can’t control this general truth, what can be controlled is what happens when a person is no longer here anymore. A will is a document that determines who will be entitled to the assets upon the demise of that person and … Read more