How Artificial Intelligence will Change our Life and our Profession.

A Technological Breakthrough in the Legal Industry


Today’s technology has advanced using automated systems with the help of Artificial Intelligence, commonly known as AI. Many companies and especially professionals are constantly trying to keep up to date with advanced technology and know what new enhanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) has to offer to provide companies with an edge to doing business.

You are invited to join our distinguished lawyers for a 30-minute presentation.
In this latest Asiajuris webinar, we will discuss the following:


  1. What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
  2. How is AI used today and in the near future?
  3. Advantages and challenges of AI
  4. Example of AI for lawyers: Product presentation of “Luminance”



Michael Waechter
Board Member Asiajuris

Michael is an experienced entrepreneur that successfully started several ventures and turned them into successful companies. His ventures cover different industries and locations, including apart from the UAE countries like Singapore, Philippines, Seychelles, Myanmar and Switzerland. He is the chairman of the UAE based CRESCO Holding, a conglomerate engaging in various types of businesses, including, among others, a chartered accounting firm, a law firm, a corporate service firm, a procurement firm and a firm specialised in expansion consulting.

Asiajuris Webinar Speaker - Clementine Fox

Clementine Fox
Head of Account Management, Luminance

Clementine is Head of Account Management at Luminance, and is responsible for managing and overseeing Luminance’s clients across the globe, as well as leading adoption and strategic planning for implementation of the platform. Clementine worked at a law firm where she saw first-hand the impact that technology could have on improving legal processes and was admitted as a solicitor (not currently practicing) in the Supreme Court of Queensland, Australia in 2016, joining Luminance in 2017.