Know Your Inheritance Rights!

An Overview Guide to Inheritance Law, Real Estate Law and Family Law in Germany, Hong Kong and UAE. 

Everyone in the world needs a Will to protect their assets and legacy. A measure that is undertaken to protect families or heirs of their assets, investments and securing the future of your loved ones. Whether you are a single expatriate, a family with assets, an owner of a company or part-owner of a family business, this session is for you. 

Join foreign law specialist Ramona Kersebaum from Germany, along with Asiajuris lawyers Naveen Indrakanti (UAE) and Christine Koo (Hong Kong) as they discuss the different law systems in Germany, Hong Kong and UAE.

The aim of the webinar is to share practical insights and will cover:

1. Overview of Inheritance law, real estate law and family law in Germany, Hong Kong and UAE

2. Wills and registration processes in these territories

3. How to plan ahead and secure assets and legacy

4. Q&A session




Ramona Kersebaum
Kruger, Schutze & Kollegen

Ramona Kersebaum is a lawyer-partner at Kruger, Schutze & Kollegen based in Hildesheim, Germany. She is presently practicing and specialises in labor law, criminal law (criminal defense and accessory lawsuit ), medical liability and medical law, tenancy law, internet law, competition law/copyright law.


Christine Koo
Christine M. Koo & Ip Solicators & Notaries Llp

Mrs. Christine Koo is the principal partner of Christine M. Koo & Ip, Solicitors & Notaries LLP based in Hong Kong. Mrs. Koo has over 30 years of experience gained from government and private sectors in Hong Kong and overseas, including working in-house for an international insurance corporation. She specializes in IPO, acquisitions and mergers, investment fund, insurance and trust matters. At present, she leads a team of lawyers assisting IPO work in Hong Kong and overseas, alongside with that she is the head of team of lawyers assisting trusts and wealth management work.

Naveen Kumar Indrakanti

Naveen Kumar Indrakanti is a certified lawyer and one of Asiajuris Board Members with 20 years of experience in advising corporate companies and private clients in varied sectors. Presently, he is the Managing Director of CRESCO Legal, his area of expertise involves drafting of Wills at DIFC Wills, establishing Trusts & Foundations and Corporate structures in various jurisdictions. He is also an active member and practices laws at DIFC Courts and is a STEP member, advising families across generations.

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